Setting-In period and transitions


Importance of familiarization with parents
The entry of the child in the nursery for parents and children has the character of uniqueness. In order to make the separation of the family situation well and not to interfere with the child’s development, is a gentle acclimatization in the nursery of benefit. So that your child can impartially investigate the new environment, we offer you the opportunity to accompany your child during the initial period. So you and your child can orient and gain confidence.

Adaption phase
Together you learn the daily routine, know the group events, rules and the way the supervisors with the children. It is advisable to limit these visits initially to 2 hours. The staff may contact your child during this time. The separation process begins when you go from the group for a short time after a few days. The separation time is then increased daily.


Preparation for the actual start
About a characteristic learning visit / taster session before your child attends kindergarten, we are very pleased. This date should be arranged a few weeks before the first day of kindergarten. Please contact us with the respective teachers of the group. On the 1st day is for you the opportunity to accompany your child in the group and so to help him about the first uncertainties. The drop-off and pick-up times will be agreed between you and the teachers individually for their child.

Übergang leicht gemacht
Der Übergang von der Krippe zum Kindergarten und vom Kindergarten in die Schule bedeutet für unsere Kinder, dass sie in einen weiteren, unbekannten Lebensabschnitt eintreten. Diese zukünftige Rolle als Kindergartenkind bzw. Schulkind, bringt die
Umstellung auf weitere Bezugspersonen, Räumlichkeiten und neue Herausforderungen mit sich. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit der Krippen- und Kindergartenerzieherinnen sowie der Kindergartenerzieherin und der Lehrerin wollen wir diesen Prozess für die Kinder so sanft wie möglich gestalten.