About us

Individual needs are supported and encouraged.

The first years of life are crucial for the further course of development. Through education and environmental influences basics and important prerequisites for the future life are created. We see it as our task to strengthen the competencies of children, so that they can grow into autonomous, independent and socially competent personalities. We support development of self-confidence of the children. Through our individual assistance the child should be able to form by his own strength, to become independent and to acquire insights. We value children as their own personalities and take each individual, with all its questions, comments, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, quirks and fears.

Social qualities that make them strong for life.

Besides, social education is a very important aspect. The daily gathering, the cooperation and communication among themselves, the consideration, tolerance and helpfulness towards others should be a central aspect in education. Thereby also the childrens own ability to handle conflicts. The group dynamic strengthens: “We belong together – together we are strong“.

Reconciling work and family.

We know that the combination of work and family life often requires flexibility. Therefore, we voted the offer in our kindergarten and our nursery to your needs. In addition to flexible delivery times, our overtime service offers individual hours. For further information, see booking times and prices.