Individual Support & Free Development

Free play

Playing and learning belong together. Playing is a basic need and, at the same, time a pleasurable activity for a child. In a playful confrontation with the environment the child learns to know its capabilities and its limitations. In dealing with other children, they gain social maturity and develop life skills.


Participation is an essential element of independent development. It is about the childrens’ right to express their own opinion. Due to the childrens’ age age an maturity their opinion is considered in an appropriate way. E.g. our Kindergarten rules are discussed an negotiated with the children.

Mathematical education

Children develop joy of learning with a versatile an valuable educational and support progralm. The mathematical skills of children are trained. These include counting, comparing, classifying, organizing and use of number words and numbers in everyday experience. Children who are promoted mathematically early, develop a better sense of order and structure.

Religious education

With celebrating different religious festivals (Thanksgiving, St. Martin, Christmas and Easter) the children are brought up with an awareness for the Christian faith. We celebrate these special days together with all parents. Unconsciously, we teach the children Christian values which they internalize through the past life of the adult. The note of other faiths is also important to us and will be taken up individually.

Health education

Free development also means that the children age-appropriate self-determined responsibility for their own well-being, take on their own bodies. The own body awareness plays a crucial role. In the nursery body care has a high value on the relationship between child and teacher, and thus differs significantly from kindergarten.