Movement & Creativity

Creative activities

In kindergarten the children can live, learn and expand their creativity on many occasions. The imagination is creating freely in arts and crafts, playing in nature, experimenting with different materials and implementing their own ideas developed.

Physical education

We see movement as a central point for health and wellbeing and influential for later life. Targeted offers, such as rhythm hours, moving construction site and dances are trained skill and acted out the urge to move. Our large garden invites the children to a daily activity in the fresh air. For excursions or walks to the nearby Isar or the Perlacher Forst there are many opportunities of free moving in nature.

Musical education

Music affects behavior and feelings of a small child on too. Learn to hear and thus experience music in direct connection with the overall development of a person. The children learn and sing songs in the Children’s House on various issues, listen to music at work, make sound stories, play and experiment with Orff-instruments learn to clap rhythmically and even build instruments.

Environment and natural experience

Through various offers, such as special forest days or weeks and walks, children can experience different natural processes aware of problems see (pollution) and understand interrelationships in nature. Experiments with the elements round off the offer. For this, the area offers the children’s home optimum conditions between Isar and Perlacher Forst.