Strengthen the skills

Promote basic skills

To learn the basic skills such as confidence, curiosity, self-esteem and resilience children need a lot of space and time. In addition to targeted offers, offers free play time in the different play areas the best opportunity.

Our offers & projects train playfully:

  • Perception, memory training and problem solving skills
  • Gross and fine motor, body awareness
  • Self control, to think and regulate one’s own learning behavior
  • Communication and cooperation skills, conflict resolution
  • Tolerance and solidarity
  • Responsibility for their own actions, the other man and nature and the environment Social basics and voting rules

Preschool education

Preschool work does not begin with the last year, the children spend in kindergarten, but begins with the admission to kindergarten. Basic knowledge such as paint and set theory, tinker, cutting, painting, singing, group and strengthen interpersonal skills, conflict behavior, rule-confidence and self-esteem, children learn right from the start. But we are aware that the last year is something special for the kids and for the parents, so we offer our “large” one year before the start of school, a preschool group to which meets once a week.